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A TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Company

Environmental, Health & Safety, Quality Certifications

TS-16949 Certificate - Ridgway, PAOur Quality Policy
ARC Metals is committed to providing quality products and services focusing on the expectations of our customers. It is our intention to continually improve our processes through employee involvement and management commitment. Maintaining the high standards of our quality management system provides us with the framework to be a quality, reliable supplier to the powdered metal industry.



14001 CertificateOur Environmental Policy
ARC Metals is committed to safeguard the environment and continuously improve our environmental management and waste reduction.

ARC Metals will:

  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and processes
  • Establish environmental objectives and targets consistent with our manufacturing processes
  • Regularly audit compliance with our environmental management system and progress toward our stated objectives and targets
  • Integrate environmental objectives into our operating plans and performance measurements to drive pollution prevention and continuous improvement
  • Ensure new products and process take environmental impacts into account during inception
  • Strive to reduce all waste through the use of industry best practices and innovative solutions
  • Build relationships with regulatory agencies, local government and communities to foster cooperation, trust and social responsibility


OHSAS CertificateOur Health & Safety Policy
The health and safety of our employees and of all others who may be affected by our business activities is of the utmost priority. ARC Metals is committed to providing a safe working environment that supports accident prevention, minimizes exposure to health risks and sets objectives along with a system of review. Our aim is to eliminate work related illnesses and injuries. ARC Metals complies with the requirements of the legislation in each jurisdiction in which we operate and, through our continual improvement culture we will strive for “zero accidents.”


ISO-TS 16949:2002 Second Edition Certification

A Globally Accepted Standard of Quality
The standards for ISO Certification are set by The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a specialized international agency for standardization that currently comprises the national standards bodies of 91 countries.

The purpose of ISO is to promote the development of standardization to facilitate the international exchange of goods and services, and to develop cooperation in intellectual, scientific, technological, and economic activity.

The ISO Certification Series is a set of five individual, but related, international standards on quality management and quality assurance, developed to effectively document the quality system elements that industries must implement in order to maintain an efficient quality system. These standards are generic rather than specific to any particular products and can be used by manufacturing and service industries alike.

The ISO Certification series is the only system accepted internationally.

The Certification Process
In order to be certified to the ISO Certification standard, firms must employ an accredited independent third party to conduct an on-site audit of operations against the requirements of the appropriate standard.

Upon successful completion of this audit, the company receives a registration certificate that identifies the quality system as being in compliance with ISO Certification Series Standards.

After certification is registered, the accredited third-party registrar performs periodic surveillance to assure that the company's quality system is being maintained.

If the company fails to maintain it's quality system, the registrar will suspend or cancel registration.